Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to tomontech.com. I’m so glad to be sharing this little corner of the Internet with you, my readers. As many of you may know, I used to run the blog “Ramblings of a Home Server User” located on http://www.homeserverblogger.com Well, after much thought and consideration, I decided that it would be better if I moved on, and started anew. All of the content on homeserverblogger.com will be archived here on tomontech.com at some point in the future, and I’ll make sure that the previous URL redirects to the new URL. For those of you that are wondering, yes, I will continue to support the SharePoint on Windows Home Server guide that I wrote, so please feel free to send me your comments, questions or concerns.

For those of you who are new, let’s begin with an introduction.  I’m Tom, your humble correspondent, reporting live from a top-secret location. I’ve been blogging on and off for about three years now, and I’m hoping that I can spend more time actually blogging than on hiatus. As you can probably tell, I am an avid computer user, and I call myself a “techno-nut”, meaning that I am nuts about technology.

With this blog, I’m hoping to accomplish only one thing. That one thing is to provide relevant, interesting, and useful information to the conversation about technology. I’d really like the content of the blog to be driven more by you the readers than by me the blogger. I’m always looking for discussion topics, product review suggestion, how-to guide suggestions, and basically anything that you as a reader will find interesting and will keep you coming back to tomontech.com. So with that being said, here is a brief overview of the features of tomontech.com.

–  http://www.tomontech.com – This is where you are now. This is where most of the action will occur. Blog posts will be frequent (hopefully), and information will be shared.

–  http://video.tomontech.com – This will be where videos will be hosted. I’m hoping to do video product reviews, tutorials, and other random things over on the Videos page.

–  http://twitter.com/tomontech – Here is my Twitter feed for the blog. Here I’ll post blog updates, thoughts, and requests for chicken noodle soup recipes. (just kidding about that last item)

–  tom at tomontech dot com – Here is my e-mail address. Use this if you want to get in direct contact with me for any reason. This is also the place to send your suggestions, ideas, comments, concerns, and anything else relevant. ) Please don’t send me email saying that I’ve won the lottery in Australia, or that you are related to some member of Nigerian royalty and you need money to get out of the country. I get enough of those already)

With that, I hope you’re as excited as I am about the blog. I’m looking forward to presenting my thoughts, ideas, and perspective on technology with the community, so let’s enjoy and share in the excitement together!


2 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome”

  1. Hey!
    Love your step by step tutorial!

    I feel you could expand upon it with windows 7 about to release.

    It’s super simple to explain to novice users how to create a VM using their existing Virtual PC to include creating another virtual HDD and how they no longer need to download to the C: but can use “Integrated Features”

    Everything you have created is still viable, just some added steps is needed.

    Just in case you weren’t aware… You Rock!


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