MIX 2010: 5 Days Away

Here we are, 5 days away from MIX 2010. If you don’t know what MIX is, it is a conference where attendees can engage with Microsoft and other industry leaders in conversation about the future of the Web, and boundaries between content, media and commerce, and the relationship between design and technology.

As a Microsoft Student Insider, I have been invited to attend MIX 2010 as a guest of Microsoft. I just found out late last night, that myself along with the other Student Insiders who will be attending, that we have been approved for press passes to the conference so we will have closer access to keynote speakers and other MIX presenters.

For MIX 2010, myself along with Joe Osborne and Jeremy Bray will be liveblogging the day one and day two keynotes. For those of you who follow Tom on Tech in your RSS readers, you’ll notice that the liveblogs have already been posted. These are there as placeholders for the actual events next week. Each keynote starts at 9AM PST (GMT –8), and I encourage all my readers to attend and to join in the discussion. At the end of this post are direct links to both liveblogs.

I’m excited to announce that I along with Joe and Jeremy have been given the opportunity to interview MIX10 keynote speaker Bill Buxton. Bill is a Principal Researcher for Microsoft Research focusing on human interaction and design. He is the author of an incredible book called Sketching User Experiences, and has received many awards from many prestigous organizations. You can read his full bio at Microsoft Research.

I will be interviewing many other MIX10 presenters and as soon as my interview schedule is confirmed, I will share it with you my readers.

To attend the day one liveblog click on this link: http://www.tomontech.com/2010/03/mix2010-day-1-keynote-liveblog-with-microsoft-student-insiders/

To attend the day two liveblog click on this link: http://www.tomontech.com/2010/03/mix-2010-day-two-keynote-liveblog-with-microsoft-student-insiders/

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, I’m @tziegmann, follow hashtag #MicrosoftSI for everything Microsoft Student Insider, and follow hashtag #MIX10 for everything MIX2010.

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