Today at MIX2010: Internet Explorer 9 Preview


I’m sitting here in the Day Two keynote at MIX2010, and Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for Internet Explorer,  announced the release of the Internet Explorer Platform Preview. This preview is simply the Trident rendering engine with a frame around it. The goal of the IEPP is to enable developers to begin to test websites with the IE9 rendering engine and to provide early feedback on the future of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is incredibly excited about the future of IE, and it’s evident by  their promise to developers to provide frequent updates to the Internet Explorer Platform Preview. According to Hachomovitch, Microsoft will be updaing the IEPP approximately every eight weeks.

With Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is commited to web standards support. They are working closely with the W3C on web standards and working to ensure that web pages will look the same across any browser.

Internet Explorer 9 will be providing rich support for HTML5, GPU-accelerated graphics and text, and a much improved JavaScript engine. To see these new features in action, download the Internet Explorer Platform Preview from (Note:this is not a full browser. It lacks security and simple navigation functionality. For testing only.)

Check out the demos, check out the performance of your own website, browse to other websites that you use, and check out the coolness of the new Internet Explorer Platform.

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