SkyDrive Pro Preview

People have been wondering what SkyDrive Pro is. SkyDrive Pro is the latest rebranding of SharePoint Workspace. With SkyDrive Pro, enterprise users can sync SharePoint libraries to their computers. Below is a quick look at how it works.

SkyDrive Pro asking for location to sync to. (Similar to consumer counterpart)


SkyDrive Pro preparing to sync.


Syncing has begun and path to files is shown.


SkyDrive Pro integration with Windows Explorer.


Updates for SharePoint Foundation 2010

If you are running SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows Home Server, this post is for you.

Microsoft has released some updates for SharePoint that you may or may not have seen through Windows Update. If you have not updated, then I would advise that you do, as the base version of SharePoint Foundation can be woefully out of date.

The updates that you will want to install (as of October 26, 2011):

– SharePoint Foundation Service Pack 1 –

– June 2011 Cumulative Update (must be installed after Service Pack 1 and after installation reboot before installing next update) – Click here

– August 2011 Cumulative Update – Click here

NOTE: After each update, you must re-run the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard to apply the update to your installation. This means you must run wizard three times before your installation is fully patched.

Update to Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows Home Server

Tonight, I have released an update to the how-to guide, Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows Home Server.

The guide can be found here. Please note even though the post says first draft, the PDF link and the Scribd document have been updated.

The following updates have been included:

– Grammatical errors have been addressed

– Corrected directions to prevent users from seeing an error message similar to the one below. When asked for credentials during the SharePoint database creation process, they must be entered in the form of servernameusername.


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How-To Guide: Install SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows Home Server 2011

It’s finally here! I’m releasing the first draft of my Sharepoint on Windows Home Server 2011 guide. Compared to all the steps that had to be taken on Windows Home Server v1, the install experience is vastly improved and with SharePoint 2010, the feature set enhanced. I look forward to your thoughts, comments, and other ideas. I’m not a SharePoint expert, so I can’t tell you how to do some crazy thing with whatever web part, but please post your questions in the comments and hopefully an expert will see it and be able to help.

If you have feedback, either leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail (tom at tomontech dot com). NOTE: I can not provide individualized installation support, I simply don’t have the time.

WARNING: By viewing and / or downloading this guide, you assume all responsibility and liability in case anything goes wrong. You agree that I can not and will not be held responsible for any data loss or other issues resulting from the installation of SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

To view the document, click here. To download a PDF of the document, click here.