Suddenly being a tattle-tale is cool

tattletale-imageRecently, a friend and fellow Microsoft enthusiast, Robert McLaws, had gone to an AT&T store to check out Windows Phone. Much to his dismay, the demo unit was in a location out of sight and wasn’t even plugged in. When he spoke with a sales rep, that individual tried talking him out of Windows Phone and into Android.

Not happy with this, McLaws began to talk with different people only to find out that they were having the same type of experience. He decided that there needed to be a way for people to share their experiences in hopes of Microsoft and the mobile carriers taking notice.

He created Windows Phone Tattletale, a website where people can post what happened to them when they inquired about Windows Phone from their carrier or nearest reseller.

As a proponent of Windows Phone myself, I think having a website like this can be a great catalyst for change. Already Microsoft has admitted to retail sales not being in good shape and goes on to use the excuse that things should improve when Nokia begins selling Windows Phone. Their statement makes me want to say, “Shame on you Microsoft. Shame on you. You’re doing your current partners and potential customers a disservice by saying that things won’t improve until Nokia joins the party.”

When it comes to the success or failure of Windows Phone, there is a shared responsibility. Microsoft, the mobile carriers, the hardware partners, and the independent retailers all play a role. Microsoft needs to improve its efforts to get people past the stigma of a) “Windows” (people hear it and think Windows running on a phone), b) the Kin disaster, and c) Windows Mobile. The mobile carriers need do to more to train their direct sales people on Windows Phone and provide better marketing and visibility of the platform. The hardware partners need to do better quality assurance on their hardware (see Samsung Focus), and the independent retailers need to provide better training for their employees.

If you’ve had an experience (good or bad) at retail with Windows Phone, I strongly recommend you share it over at Windows Phone Tattletale. The more data that can be gathered the better, I say.

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